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May 17, 2012 9:00pm PDT
quote executive, rebekah brooks. within days she would resign, and within a week she would be arrested and questioned about phone hacking and police bribery. murdoch was rapidly losing >> and suddenly, we hit the tipping point. and politicians said, "enough. we're changing sides." >> bergman: david cameron, who pursued murdoch's support before the election, now distanced himself. without the political capital, murdoch withdrew his bid for bskyb. the past had caught up with him. >> mr. murdoch, did you read our last report into the matter, where we referred to the collective amnesia of your executives who gave evidence to our commite? >> i haven't heard that. >> parliamentary inquiry found
May 11, 2012 7:00am EDT
scrutiny. rebekah brooks tells how they commiserated when she resigned. >> i received messages from number 10, number 11, home office, foreign office. >> welcome to g.m.t. i'm stephen sackur. also in the program, scloid said to have mounted yesterday's suicide bombing in damascus. and in the breivik trial as a relative of a victim throws a shoe at the killer. it's 7:00 a.m. in washington, d.c. and 2:00 p.m. in athens and midday in london where in the last couple of hours a compelling piece of political drama has been unfolding at the legislativeson inquiry set up in the hacking scandal. today they have been hearing testimony from rebekah brooks. until last year rupert murdoch's editor at the "news of the world" and "the sun." and peter has been following developments >> the witness today is mrs. rebekah brooks. >> thank you. >> rebekah brooks was once thought of as one of the most powerful you know what i mean britain. as editor of the former "news of the world," she this be youngest editor and went on to become chief executive of rupert murdoch's papers. so had she received messages from
May 15, 2012 6:00pm PDT
the economic crisis. greece heads for fresh elections, still fears of a euro exit. >> rebekah brooks is charged with conspiring -- conspiring to subvert the course of justice. it is 9:00 in the morning in singapore. >> is 2:00 in the morning in london. broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world. in just hours after taking off, the french president has held talks with angela merkel. he campaigned to renegotiate the austerity package, told a news conference that europe should consider all possible measures to boost growth. car europe editor has the story of a busy first day in office for the french leader. >> preparations for a transfer of power. elsewhere in paris, an unmarked car pulls out, surrounded by photographers. inside, 57-year-old francois hollande, a socialist leader on his way to be inaugurated. waiting for him, the outgoing president, nicolas sarkozy, who never imagined he would be beaten by a candidate to head never held a government office. -- who had never held a government office. president sarkozy and his wife held a short conversation with francois hollande
May 15, 2012 4:00pm PDT
in britain's phone hacking scandal. rebekah brooks faces three conspiracy charges. >> welcome to our viewers some pbs in america and around the globe. greece has run out of options. after an inconclusive election, the country is heading back to the polls. voters will decide the all important question of whether greece keep its commitment to an international bailout program. the decision could have far- reaching implications on the global economy. >> the election has passed. they should be putting the finishing touches to a new government, but today those hopes dashed. party leaders attacking each other over the bailout and more spending cuts. >> the parties that support the loan support our international creditors, not the national interest. >> those who signed the bailout want a government of national salvation, but greece has not been saved. it has been pushed to the break. >> some have chosen in cold blood to play party politics, rather than to what is best for the country. they're going against what the public wants. >> and this exhausted nation lurches between crises. fresh elections ne
May 11, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. rebekah brooks said she used to exchange text messages with prime minister david cameron at least once a week and that he would occasionally sign off with, "lol," which he believed meant lots of love. >> the woman who so recently was such a significant member of the media, rebekah brooks, summoned today to answer questions about the unseen world of the press and politicians. >> the witness today is rebekah brooks. >> rebekah brooks resigned from news international shortly after she was investigated for phone hacking. >> i received some indirect messages from number 10, no. 11, home office, foreign office. >> tony blair? >> yes. >> mr. gramm? >> no. >> it has been reported in relation to mr. cameron that you receive the message of support along the lines, "keep your head up." >> i do not think it was those exact words, but along those lines. >> did you also receive a message along the lines, "sorry i could not have been as loyal to you as i have been, but mr. millard and had me on the run." or words to that effect. >> similar, but not directly. >> she denied that she and mr. cameron tex
May 15, 2012 2:30pm PDT
hacking scandal. rebekah brooks faces three charges of conspiracy. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. greece has run out of options. after an inconclusive election followed by several rounds of fruitless political negotiations, the country is heading back to the polls. voters who are fed up with austerity will answer the question as to whether greece should keep its commitment to an international bailout program. this could have far reaching implications for europe and the global economy. for the latest, i spoke to our correspondent. we just had elections in greece. what is likely to change next time around? >> that is a very good question and certainly there is one school of thought that says that you could end up with the same problems, inconclusive elections and the party is trying to negotiate some type of coalition. i have even heard one diplomat talk about the possibility of a third election. having said that, what has changed now is that the opinion polls have shown that radical left-wing party which came second in the election is actually leadi
May 11, 2012 5:00am EDT
suppose it's fair to say rebekah brooks is one of the star acts, and all eyes will be on maybe david cameron's judgment. >> that's right. she was at the center of the social network between the politicians on one hand and the murdoches on the other. she became friends with tony blair, gordon brown, and david cameron. david cameron goes to her wedding and she marries a friend of david cameron. as you mentioned, the whole issue boils down to judgment really and was it sensible of the prime minister to get so close to her given that she was presiding over news international at a stage when all these allegations about phone hacking have been swirling around really for years. >> naomi, once that inquiry begins and rebekah brooks is having her say, we'll have more from you as well. many thanks. some other stories now -- the u.k. government says it will neither confirm nor deny claims that the undercover agency foiled an al qaeda plot to blow up a plane with an underwear bomb held a british passport. the operative is reported to have become radicalized before then deciding to work against t
May 15, 2012 5:00am EDT
the former executive rebekah brooks and her husband are to be charged with perversing justice in connection with the u.k. phone-hacking scandal. we had rebekah brooks appearing before the committee on ethics but wasn't part of the discussion but it's been decided she now will be charged. the two said we deplore this weak decision and five other people also being told -- they will hear today if they are to be process -- both describing that decision as weak. naomi, that's the first charge. >> eis that right. this is the reminder that the judge-led inquiry going on into media ethics, there's still a very active police information behind the scenes, and as he mentioned, these are the first charges since that investigation was opened 18 months ago. rebekah brooks and five others have been charged with -- on suspicion of perversing the course of justice. that's slightly different from the other charges which she may face. she was arrested last year in connection with interception of communication and possible corruption. she has not yet facing charges on those two fronts. this is simply on the
May 8, 2012 10:00pm PDT
in the way at this parliamentary committee hearing back in 2003, when he got rebekah brooks, then editor of the sun, to make an astonishing admission. brooks was one of rupert murdoch's most trusted associates and would become chief executive of his british newspapers. a friend and confidante of prime ministers, she appeared at the hearing with her colleague andy coulson, editor of news of the world. >> bergman: what was the run-up to that? why were they appearing before you? >> we were doing a report on privacy and media intrusion. the issue of how you set about getting information is also of course a matter of importance. it was just a hunch. you know, sometimes you just have a hunch in politics. do either of your newspapers ever use private detectives, ever bug or pay the police? >> we have paid the police for information in the past and it's been... >> andy coulson, who was sitting beside her, tried to say, "but only within the law," and i pointed out, "but it's a criminal offense." it's corrupting a police officer, suborning a police officer. >> the same holds for private detectives
May 15, 2012 5:30pm PDT
in london. >> excuse me. >> reporter: rebekah brooks turned herself in this morning. the charges: hiding information from the police, both documents and computers. in one instance, said the prosecutor, she acted with her assistant. >> rebekah brooks and cheryl carter conspired together permanently to remove seven boxes of material from the archive of news international. >> reporter: an angry brooks left the police station a few hours later. >> i am baffled by the decision to charge me today. >> reporter: brooks was among the most powerful editors in britain with enormous political clout through the newspapers she ran for rupert murdoch. but last summer she was forced to resign after evidence emerged that some of her reporters allegedly bribed public officials and hacked into the voice mail messages of the royal household, celebrities, and even a murdered teenager. more than 800 people in all, say the police. since then, a public inquiry has probed even further into the cozy relationship between brooks, britain's prime minister david cameron, and rupert murdoch. a relationship, critics sa
May 15, 2012 10:00am PDT
? >>> and if it isn't the hacking, it could be the cover up. rebekah brooks and her husband are charged today in the uk scandal. the first criminal charges there. and a high-powered couple replaces by france's new socialist president and the couple's first unmarried first lady. >>> plus, the ladies of "the view" give president obama a pop culture pop quiz. >> what's the controversial sex book that's on millions of women's bedside tables? >> i don't know that. >> good. next? >> i'll ask michelle when i get home. >> good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. in our daily fix today, who is better equipped to fix the economy? that is the battle ground and this week both sides are jockeying for advantage. susan is the washington bureau cheap for usa today and you have a new poll which has interesting data on both sides. each side can claim some victory here. >> one things we americans agree with is the economy at the moment is bad but americans are increasingly optimistic that it's getting better and they think their own financial circumstance is going to be better a year from now than it i
May 15, 2012 8:00am PDT
. right now former news international chief rebekah brooks might be learning that the hard way as well as her husband too. >>> plus, zero containment. a couple of wildfires not making it very easy for firefighters in arizona. we take you there for an update. look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. save with a shake. ah, welcome to i get it...guys weekend. yeah! if you're looking for a place to get together, you came to the right place. because here at, we're only
May 15, 2012 9:00am PDT
. there is this criminal inquiry which resulted in rebekah brooks, both of whom have been charged with conspiracy for allegedly hiding computer records over a period in july when police officers were looking for them. and that's included her show officer and personal assistance. that is also a problem because, of course, rebekah brooks was and is a close friend of david cameron, the prime minister of the uk. she was texting him twice a day during his election campaign in 2010. if she is found guilty, she could face a sentence of anything up to about 12 years in prison, although reading the reports earlier today, the expectatio expectations is that if she's found guilty, she could go to prison for two years. >> we also know, ben, that there is a department of justice investigation as to news corp. activities here in the u.s., whether they have been hacking into phones in 9/11 and 9/11 victims. what do you make of the rupert murdoch brand here? keep in mind that this is coming on the heels as a uk panel found them unfit to lead a media company? >> it's an incredible corporate crisis for them and ha
FOX News
May 15, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. rebekah brooks used to run the news of the world tabloid where investigators say reporters hacked the voice males of people they were covering. news corporation, which is the parent company of this network, later shut down that newspaper. and rebekah brooks is accused of trying to hide evidence of wrongdoing during that shutdown process. brooks defended herself just hours ago and said she was baffled by the decision to charge her. amy kellogg with the news live in our london bureau tonight. amy? >> well, rebekah brooks husband, charlie brooks, shep, said that he believes he and the others arrested today or charged today are actually scapegoats and rebekah brooks herself said that even news international harshest critics would not want to see people with no involvement in the central issues here being treated in this way. but britain's crown prosecution service sees it all very differently and believes rebekah brooks, her husband, and four other people who have worked with news international can spire justice. she tried to conceal evidence from police, including documents, computer
May 15, 2012 5:00pm PDT
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May 11, 2012 9:00am EDT
executive rebekah brooks, testifying on british phonak and the relationship between the press and politicians. >> do you recall occasion at the time the labour party brighton in september 2004 when chris brown mp had been speaking at a meeting and argued that rupert murdoch should not be allowed -- do you recall that? >> i don't, i'm afraid. i'm sorry. what data was it? >> 2004. as he arrived at the news international reception, you approached mr. blair. do recall that? >> i think i know what anecdote you're referring to. >> it's not an anecdote. and a witness statement i've seen, you said mr. brown, shouldn't you be out of comment by now, or something like it. did you say that? >> i don't wind up saying that, no. >> do you remember what your husband said? >> i remember what mr. bright said my husband said. >> he was extremely rude, wasn't he? >> mr. bright? >> no, your husband. >> i don't think he said that. >> mr. watzman, you had him for mr. watzman. mr. watzman would say, or will say, following his, mr. watson, resignation in 2006, is a veteran? >> that that's what mr. wat
May 11, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. then the competition with gary johnson. -- a presentation with gary johnson. next, rebekah brooks testifying before a british panel examining the relationships between politicians and the british press. as well as the culture and practices of the media. she discusses e-mails and text messages between prime minister david cameron and other conservative party and labor party leaders. last year, rebekah brooks testified before a british parliamentary committee investigating an alleged phone hacking scandal. she was arrested last july on suspicion of conspiracy and corruption and arrested again in march 2012 on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. the criminal investigation is still pending. >> the other witness today is rebekah brooks. thank you. >> i swear that the evidence i shall give will be the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> your full name, please. >> rebekah mary brooks./ >> please identify the two in front of you. the second of may of this year. the principal focus is on the second statement. the time line of your career -- tell me if i make any mistakes. you joi
May 16, 2012 4:00am EDT
. >>> prosecutors in the media inquiry case have charged rebekah brooks with conspiring to obstruct justice. the first criminal action in the investigation. ms. brooks is the former head of rupert murdoch's news corp. newspaper unit in the uk. she testified before the inquiry last july. this portion of that hearing is a little less than a half hour. >> there are many questions i want to ask you but i won't be able to do it bays because you are facing criminal proceedings. so i'm going to be narrow in my questioning. why did you sack tom crohn? >> we didn't sack tom crohn. what happened with tom crohn was when we made the very regressable decision to close the "news of the world" after 168 years, tom crohn has p predominantly been the news of the world lawyer. he predominantly spent most of his time, in fact pretty much 99% of his time on the news of the world. and the rest of the company and the rest of the titles had -- we had appointed new lawyers and there wasn't i job for tom once we closed the news of the world and he left. >> someone is still dealing with the news of the world legal c
May 15, 2012 4:00am PDT
and news of the world editor rebekah brooks will face criminal charges. her husband and four others also face charges. >>> at the perjury trial of legendary baseball pitcher roger clemens the star witness, brian mcnamee testified he injected clemens with steroids about eight times. -- eight to ten times in 1998. he contradicts clemens' claims before congress that he never took performance enhancing drugs. >>> a security supervisor at new jersey's newark airport for about 20 years has been arrested on charges evidence ti theft. the illegal immigrant from nigeria allegedly used the name of a murder victim and passed years of airport background security checks. >>> and a russian rocket lifted off today headed for low-earth orbit. an american astronaut and two cosmonauts are abody the soyuz spacecraft which are scheduled to dock with the international space station on thursday. >>> and now here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12,695 after dropping 125 points yesterday. the s&p fell 15. nasdaq tumbled 31. taking a look at overseas trading this mornin
May 11, 2012 2:30pm PDT
politicians in london. rebekah brooks said she used to exchange text messages with david cameron. >> running the gauntlet of the media, the woman who was once a significant number of that. ,nce rupert murdoch's protegee here today to face questions about the world of the press and politicians. >> thank you. >> she resigned from news international shortly after she was arrested by police investigating phone hacking. she told the inquiry that her departure had prompted commiseration from within the government. >> i received indirect messages from number 10, number 11, home office, for an office. >> did mr. blair send you one? >> yes. >> it has been reported, in relation to mr. cameron, you received a message of support along the lines "keep your head up." >> along those lines. >> you also received a message along these lines -- "sorry i could not have been as loyal to you as i could have spent -- been." >> very indirectly. >> it has been claimed that david cameron and mrs. brooks texted each other up to a dozen times a day. untrue, she said. >> it is preposterous. " that will now been a relief
May 15, 2012 7:00pm PDT
: a high profile arrest today in the on-going phone hacking scandal for news corp. rebekah brooks, the former head of the company's british newspaper unit was charged with conspiring to obstruct justice. prosecutors say brooks, her husband and four others concealed documents, computers and other electronic devices from investigators at scotland yard. brooks was the former editor of the now closed "news of the world". that's the paper at the center of the scandal. brooks called the charges quote, "a sideshow and a waste of taxpayer money." >> susie: the fight for avon is over, for now. coty has dropped its $10.7 billion bid for the door-to-door cosmetics seller. that offer had the backing of warren buffett's berkshire hathaway, which was helping the fragrance company finance the deal. avon has been under pressure to turn itself around after weak earnings, federal bribery investigations and a management shake-up. long-time c.e.o. andrea jung stepped aside, but remains as chairman. after making its first offer earlier this year, and increasing the bid last week, coty's chairman wrote
May 16, 2012 4:30am EDT
in the netherlands. he's accused of ordering the slaughter of 8,000 men and boys. >>> rebekah brooks has been charged with trying to hide evidence in the phone-hacking scandal. she was released from police custody yesterday. brooks was editor of the now closed "news of the world." these are the first charges to be filed since scotland yard reopened the investigation 18 months ago. >>> coming up on the morning news, will he or won't he? speculation over whether john edwards will take the stand in his corruption trial. this is the "cbs morning news." i was pushing my kids in a stroller when i had my heart event. and i've been on a bayer aspirin regimen ever since. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i know if i take my bayer aspirin i have a better chance of living a healthy life. now, there's gentle, i know dependable constipation my bayereland mer me... and me. new dulcolax laxative tablets for women are comfort-coated... so they're gentle on sensitive stomachs. new dulcolax laxative for women the overnight relief you're looking for. [ male announcer
May 15, 2012 7:00am EDT
. >> thanks very much. the former chief executive of rupert murdoch's news international rebekah brooks is to be charged by british prosecutors for subverting the course of justice in connection with a phone hacking scandal. today's move means she is almost certain to face a criminal trial over the allegations that her husband charlie brooks has also been charged with the same events. a man convicted of the murder of an iranian nuclear scientist has been hanged in to airan. majid jamali fashi has been hanged. israel has refused to comment on. the on lebanese troops have been deployed on the seats of the northern city of tripoli following sectarian clashes which erupted on a weekend, links to the conflict in neighboring syria. gunfire has been exchanged between supporters of the president and 70 groups -- and sunni groups. north korea posted a second vice leader is in north korea on an official visit. he is the ceremonial head of state. the trip comes after north korea oppose the controversial rocket launched -- north korea's controversial rocket launch. now this report from jakarta. >>
May 11, 2012 6:00am EDT
look at page 57, line 11, question i asked was you talk about the meeting with rebekah brooks. are you on the right page of? >> they are not numbered in that way. >> they are actually. 15 at the bottom to each page has -- >> right. i've got it. thank you, sir. >> question was, you talked about the meeting with rebekah brooks which led to her view of your case, a formal review. just assistance quickly with it. can you recall when that was? i think is probably just elaborate a little bit. [inaudible] news international actually bid for the rights of the book along with a colleague. they would materialize the book. he was somewhat horrified at the prospect of that given what we been treated in the past. [inaudible] we were subsequently afraid by news international and associated to do is the book, and after much deliberation we had a couple of meetings. [inaudible] so pausing there, there's going to be sterilization in both the sunday times and "the sun," i believe, do you recall that? >> id. spent a chance -- i do. >> your chief executive officer? >> that's correct. >> the price you paid
May 11, 2012 2:00am EDT
by mr. murdoch, a heavily advise buying rebekah brooks. >> i would have taken the view that james murdoch had not taken a senior role at "news international." i would have taken the view that it was going to be a combination of use. obviously, rupert murdoch will play a part in that. >> we will however murdoch. >> i was the party to the conversation. i think it is fair to say that the three of them would have been involved. >> you knew this organization very well. you knew how they operated. were you hired because he understood them? they knew the way in would prove his son and rebekah brooks act that was the dynamic. >> when you say the way in, the way into what? >> for the conservative party. >> it was an important line of communication. >> he was going to do as he was told. >> i do not accept that. and do not think i am in a position to say. i do not know what part it played. >> you have worked with him over the years. we have what some give evidence pim. you know that. >> i am not here to give the character assessment. i have no idea. you have a very disparaging view of show
May 15, 2012 5:00am EDT
. we kick it off. former news international rebekah brooks will face criminal charges for her role in the u.k. phone hacking scandal. she is accused of conspiracy to pervert the courts of justice in the investigation into rupert murdock's media empire. her husband, charlie brooks, has also been charged. the couple released a statement. it reads, quote, we deplore this weak and unjust system. after further posturing, we will respond later today after our return from the police station. >> excuse me. i'm sorry. also happening right now, france ushering a brand new era with the swearing in era of the scaring in of francois holland. he's blasted the austerity measures that have defined europe's response to the crisis for the past two years. holland is france's first social president since 1995. quite a bit of pomp and circumstance. i have no idea if it's typical. >> the arch detriumph, what better place to use it. it's got a weddingy feel and a lot of rain but they're still coming out. >> a lot of spectators. those of you in france you're having a good time. >>> in the $2 billion tradi
May 21, 2012 10:30am EDT
before the leveson inquiry and talked about his relationship with then editor-in-chief rebekah brooks and also remarked on the role the press played during the blair administration. this is about an hour and 15 minutes. >> today's witness is mr. straw. thank you. >> would you stand please to take the oath. >> i swear my mighty god that the evidence i shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> thank you, mr. straw. your full name. >> john whitaker straw but i'm commonly known as jack. >> your statement is dated the 30th of april of this year. you've signed and dated. are you content to confirm its contents as true for the purposes of this inquiry? >> i am. >> mr. straw, thank you very much for your witness statement to the obvious effort you put into it and also for some of the of -- which were extremely prescient. of all the witness who have appeared or who are to appear at this inquiry, as i made clear in the declaration i made at the very beginning, i know mr. straw the best. not merely because we knew each other many, many years ago but because i w
May 15, 2012 7:00pm EDT
the ethical practices of the media. also prosecutors in the case charged rebekah brooks, the former head of mr. murdoch's news corp. newspaper unit with conspiring to obstruct justice. the first criminal action in the investigation. this is a little more than 2 1/2 hours. >> this afternoon's witness is mr. campbell, please. mr. campbell, you are still on oath from your hearing on the 13th of november. i told you you'd be back, yes? you provided us kindly with a second statement dated the 30th of april of this year. and you confirm its contents is true, do you, mr. campbell? >> yes. i'm going to deal with this by way of theme, if i may, mr. campbell. first of all, mr. blair hiring you in 1994, we have one version in your diary. another version which is very similar in mr. blair's book. the journey, page 75. he considered you as part of a short list in discussion with mr. mandelson. do you remember that? >> no, i wasn't involved in that discussion. >> right. it's unlikely given they were wondering whether you were the right person. and mr. blair said he wanted a tabloid person and thought alasta
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 118 (some duplicates have been removed)